RLC California recruits and funds pragmatic Republicans for primarily local offices throughout California.

Congratulations 2012 Election Winners
Jim Adams
Nevada County Union School Board
Catherine Carlton
Menlo Park City Council
Elizabeth Lewis
Atherton Town Council
Katie Schwarz
Nevada County Union School Board
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RLC California helped elect practical Republicans, despite the crushing defeat of GOP efforts in California.
From the Blog
As California has increasingly become a “Democratic fortress,” it has left Republicans with little to no promise of being relevant in presidential and statewide elections. However, at the local level, Republicans do not only have a chance of being relevant, but also hold approximately half the 2,500 mayoral and city council seats in California. Unfortunately, most GOP donors and party activists tend to direct their funding and support to candidates who back traditional party positions on social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion. The practice of rewarding these traditional social platforms is detrimental to both California’s Republican Party and...
Plan to join us at a fundraiser for RLC California with former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman!  Governor Whitman also served as the Administrator of the EPA and was a co-founder of the Republican Leadership Council. The event will be July 18th at a private home in Atherton, CA.  Details will be announced very soon, so save the date!
We're really excited to announce that we have hired a new full-time team member, Charles Palmares.
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