Our Priorities


Focused exclusively at the local and county level of government, RLC California aims to:

  • Identify and recruit experienced Republican business, academic, and community professionals to run for local office;
  • Provide political and financial support to endorsed local candidates and ballot measures;
  • Build a solid, statewide, long-term bench of more experienced candidates for higher office;
  • Broaden the appeal and reach of the Republican Party throughout California’s extremely diverse communities.


RLC California appreciates the broad range of stakeholders who have an important say in the policies that shape our communities and our state. Whatever our own goals, they are coupled with an insistence on mutually honest, open discussion with other stakeholders–based on facts and driven by a shared desire to formulate policy around a common consensus.

Grounded in values of human dignity, equal opportunity, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, our policy priorities currently include (but are not limited to):

  • Fiscal and operational discipline, including fair pension reform, spending caps, and zero-based budgeting;
  • Accountability for performance and elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse, including on-going, non-partisan audits;
  • Full government transparency, except where classified for national security reasons;
  • Ensure education and public safety remain our 1st priorities;
  • Foster and encourage more entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Strengthen education for 21st century economic and life requirements;
  • Limit taxes to only practical levels that can sustain civic programs, reward success, encourage opportunity, and save for the future;
  • Restore policymaking and spending priorities to lowest level of government of appropriate.